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We offer a complete range of Pneumatic Fittings and Accessories to cover every possible application.

Push in Fittings

Push on Fittings

Compression Fittings

Standard Fittings


Multiple Connectors

Function Fittings

Since 1979, Cmatic is the leading manufacturer in the development and production of Pneumatic Fittings.

Cmatic was founded as a pneumatic fittings and special components manufacturer after a long-term experience as a subcontractor of high precision metal parts. Today Cmatic can boast a very wide range of fittings covering every possible requirement. Our sales program offers more than 40 series and 5000 variants in types and sizes. Cmatic’s core business spans through Push-in, Push-on, Compression, Standard and Function Fittings, Couplings, Safety Couplings, and Multiple Connectors. Cmatic products can be employed in all industries related to General Pneumatics including solutions for Pneumatic Automation (Food, Chemical, Pharma, Vending Machine and Dirty and Critical Applications), Lubrication, Misting, Transportation, and Hydraulics.


1994 – ISO 9001

2018 – ISO 14001

2021 – ISO 45001

We offer specific solutions for...

Pneumatic Automation

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