One of the Most Important International Companies in the Water Metering Field!

Maddalena S.p.A. is one of the most important international companies in the water metering and thermal energy metering instruments field. Founded in 1919, the Company has constantly developed its organizational structure and its range of meters for domestic use and large utilities. Maddalena products today meet the needs of main utilities around the world. Their Povoletto facilities near Udine, in Italy, boast the highest production capacity in Europe for a single plant, and produce over 3 million instruments every year. In 2018, they opened a new manufacturing plant in Germany, Maddalena GmbH, to complement their Italian site.

Management Systems!

Maddalena Water Meters pays particular attention to issues related to Quality, Environmental, Information Security and most importantly Health and Safety. Maddalena has (and for a very long time) adopted a organisation model 231/2001 and is certified SA8000 Social Accountability. This integrated system streamlines internal processes has been used for many years.

Reliable and Robust are Two of the Many Qualities Maddalena Offers

Maddalena TDML Truck Batching Water Meters

Maddalena Water Meters offer a wide range of products to meet the most demanding of applications, while ensuring the highest metrological precision and reliability over time. All of their meters come certified according to the European Directive MID MI-001 on measuring instruments providing customers worldwide a piece of mind. Maddalena offer a variety of solutions to the ever growing requirements of applications, these include Submetering, Utility and Commercial & Industrial or otherwise known as C&I.

You can view our most popular Maddalena Water Meter the TDML series here.

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