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Discrete Valve Technology

TopWorx discrete valve controllers allow automatic on/off valves to communicate via FOUNDATION Fieldbus, DeviceNet, AS-Interface, Profibus, HART and Wireless HART protocols. They attach to all rotary, linear valves and actuators, operational in the most demanding environmental conditions, and come with a variety of available hazardous area certifications.

GO Switches For The Most Extreme Environments

Emerson’s TopWorx GO™ Switch is an extremely versatile sensing solution specifically designed for the most challenging environments. Detects like a proximity switch and functions like a limit switch, providing even higher reliability when conventional switches fail.

Emerson Topworx Offers A Broad Range of Analytical Expertise Value Across Your Operations

TopWorx is a well known worldwide leader in discrete valve control and technology. Their GO™ Switch position sensing is widely used in the process industries. Their position sensing technology and discrete valve control enable sites, platforms, and pipelines to manage and control operations more efficiently and effectively under the most extreme conditions. TopWorx provides solutions of high reliability and installation flexibility while increasing profitability and reducing downtime in the most critical applications.

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