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Würschum and the Concrete Industry!

Wurschum offers individual solution for all metering tasks for high precision admixture dosing or repeatable colour recipes for the production of concrete products. Whether precision dosing or ten different colour components, you'll find what you need here.

Wurschum Admix Gear Pumps

Gear pumps are used for filling and discharge of chemical additive weighers. Applications include Lubricant liquids, e. g. oils, chemical additives, varnish. Filling pumps with suction hose and rinsing valve and bypass can be used as discharge pump by reversing motor.

Wurschum Admix Gear Pumps

Wurschum GmbH are specialists for dosing and filling. They develop and produce custom made customer specific dosing and filling machines tailored to every customer requirement. Their range of products can be seen across the concrete, food, cosmetic and chemical industry

Dosing systems

Enhance the quality and consistency of your concrete products with Wurschum’s advanced dosing systems. These systems include powder pigment and granule systems for colouring paving stones and other concrete products. Weighing systems are also available for chemical additives. With their wide range of products, the perfect machine is available for any application to ensure your concrete products meet the highest standards in the industry. Explore Wurschum’s dosing systems today and take your concrete production to the next level.

Filling Machines

Streamline your production process with top of line filling and capping machines from Wurschum. Their range includes automatic filling, equipped with two to eight filling positions for up to 3000 containers per hour. Trusted by many customers within the chemical, food and cosmetic industry, Wurschum are committed to finding the perfect solution for every application. With their advanced technology and expert engineering, you can increase your production efficiency and improve your bottom line.

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