AKO RVA250. – DN250, EPDM Sleeve, Blue Aluminium Body, Pneumatic Pinch Valve

Part Number: RVA250-04-30-3-30LC Manufacturer: AKO

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AKO’s RVA Series Pneumatic Pinch valves are available in the nominal diameters of DN025 to DN400. The RVA Series are designed with a flange connection as standard.

AKO Part Reference: RVA250.

Part Reference: RVA250.

Additional information

Actuation Type

Manual Operation by Hand Wheel

Body Material

Stainless Steel

Connection Type

Flange Connection (DIN PN 10)



Orifice (mm)


Product Type

Mechanical Pinch Valve, RV Series (AIRFLEX)

Sleeve Type

Natural Rubber

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