AKO RVA65.1.3.M.1.6.1 – DN65, AIRFLEX Mechanical Pinch Valve, Manual Actuator, Natural Rubber Sleeve

Part Number: RVA65-1-3-M-1-6-1 Manufacturer: AKO

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AKO’s RV Mechanical Pinch Valves are available with several different actuation options and can come in many sizes from DN25 to 1200mm. This product is particularly useful for paper, pulp, waste water, chemical, glass, ceramics and pneumatic conveying applications.

AKO Part Reference: RVA65.1.3.M.1.6.1

Part Reference: RVA65.1.3.M.1.6.1

Additional information

Actuation Type


Body Material

Stainless Steel

Connection Type

Flange Connection (DIN PN 10)



Orifice (mm)


Product Type

Mechanical Pinch Valve, RV Series (AIRFLEX)

Sleeve Type

Natural Rubber

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