AKO VF125.02X.35.30LA – DN125, Food Quality Natural Rubber Sleeve, Flanged Connection (Steel Bushings), White Aluminium Body

Part Number: VF125.02X.35.30LA Manufacturer: AKO

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AKO’s Compact Air Operated Pinch Valve type VF represent a particularly economic shut-off valve solution, because a separate drive is not required for actuation. This product can be controlled with a 3/2-way solenoid valve or pilot valve.

AKO Part Reference: VF125.02X.35.30LA

Part Reference: VF125.02X.35.30LA

Additional information

Body Material

White Aluminium

Connection Type

Aluminium Flange w/ Steel Bushing



Orifice (mm)


Product Type

Air Operated Pinch Valve Type VF

Sleeve Type


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