AKO VM020.07LS.70.30 – DN20 Pinch Valve, NBR Food Black Sleeve , Internal Thread Connection, Aluminium

Part Number: VM020.07LS.70.30 Manufacturer: AKO

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AKO’s Air Operated Pinch Valve type VM is the ideal valve solution for abrasive, corrosive and fibrous products like granules, powders, suspensions, sludge / slurries, dust and so on.
These pinch valves are best suited to wine, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, chemical and offshore industries to name a few.

AKO Part Reference: VM020.07LS.70.30

Part Reference: VM020.07LS.70.30

Additional information

Body Material

316 Stainless Steel Body

Connection Type

Internal Thread Connection



Orifice (mm)


Product Type

Air Operated Pinch Valve Type VM

Sleeve Type

NBR Food Black Sleeve

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