ALTX6/4 – Colex International Extraflexible Atylon Tubing

Part Number: ALTX6/4 Manufacturer: Colex International

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Colex International have developed a range of true alternatives to traditional crude oil based plastics – Extraflexible Altylon. Extraflexible Altylon is manufactured from heat stabilised materials, 60% of which are derived from renewable resources.

This does not affect the strength or resistance of the product. Altylon is resistant to most solvents, alkalis, oils, greases, petroleum products, fungi, moulds and dilute acids (mineral & organic).

This product is suitable for pneumatic control, instrumentation systems, fuel & oil lines, industrial robotics, compressed air, paint spray and solvent lines.

Product ID: Colex ALTX6/4

Part Reference: ALTX6/4

Additional information

Burst Pressure (bar)


Colours Available

Blue & Black, Green, Natural, Red, Yellow

Internal Diameter


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Colex International

Outside Diameter


Product Type

Extraflexible Atylon