ASCO X210525720102E7- 2/2 Normally Closed 0.35-10 Bar Magnetic Latch Valve 6V DC

Part Number: X210525720102E7 Manufacturer: ASCO

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ASCO Product X210525720102E7 is a two way shut-off valve for the control air, inert gas, water, oil and other gases/liquids compatible with the sealing material used. Used in automatic washroom applications. Valves do not require a minimum operating pressure. All products are covered by Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and are suitable for group 1 and 2 fluids. The solenoid valves satisfy all relevant EC directives.

Part Reference: X210525720102E7

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Weight 0.6 kg


Pipe Size (Metric)

15 mm

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