AIS-FSS-KT-1 – Stainless Steel, Key Trapped, Bolt Trapped, Left Hinged, FS Type, Castell AIS Access Interlock With Safety Switch

Part Number: AIS-FSS-KT-1 Manufacturer: Castell

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The AIS or HERCULES is a single key access interlock complete with electrical contacts for use on hinged and sliding doors. The Hercules contacts can be used to switch off the machine via its control circuitry or to initialize a signal to visual beacons/sounders. The switch is sealed to IP65 with, 1N/O 2N/C contacts, rated to 6 amps making it ideal for use in cross monitored safety systems.

Castell Part Reference: AIS-FSS-KT-1

Part Reference: AIS-FSS-KT-1

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Condition (by bolt trapped)

Key Trapped While Bolt Trapped


Left Hinged Door

Lock Portion Type

FS (up to three characters)



Product Type

AIS Hercules Access Interlock with Safety Switch