INRL32 – Colex International Semi-Rigid Nylon Tubing – Imperial (Light Wall)

Part Number: INRL32 Manufacturer: Colex International

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Colex International’s Semi-Rigid Nylon Tubing (imperial) is resistant to most solvents, alkalis, oils, greases, petroleum products, fungi, moulds and dilute acids (mineral & organic).

This product is suitable for pneumatics and hydraulic controls, lubricant & fuel tubing, CO2 and air tubing.

Product ID: Colex INRL32

Part Reference: INRL32

Additional information

Burst Pressure (bar)


Colours Available

Natural & Black

Internal Diameter

0.095 Inches

Lengths Available



Colex International

Outside Diameter

1/8 Inch

Product Type

Semi-Rigid Nylon Tubing – Imperial

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