KSD32-FSS-F-CC4-CC2 – Castell 32A, NC, Stainless Steel, Front Board, FS Type, KSD Switch Disconnector

Part Number: KSD32-FSS-F-CC4-CC2 Manufacturer: Castell

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The Castell KSD Switch Disconnector. This product is typically used for machine isolation applications in order to protect the hazardous area from access whilst the power is on. The unit is supplied suitable for mounting into an existing panel or for surface mounting within its own IP65 rated lockable mild steel enclosure.

This product is used in various applications to control full body access to hazardous areas.

Castell Part Reference: KSD32-FSS-F-CC4-CC2

Part Reference: KSD32-FSS-F-CC4-CC2

Additional information

Body Material

Stainless Steel




32 amps

Lock Portion Type

FS (up to three characters)



Product Type

KSD Switch Disconnector