KSUPSP-QS-P-C/O4 – NO/NC, Panel Mount, Stainless Steel, Q Type, Castell KSUPS Solenoid Controlled Switch

Part Number: KSUPSP-QS-P-C/O4 Manufacturer: Castell

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The Castell KSUPS is a solenoid controlled trapped key interlock. It is Primarily used in uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems. The KSUPS ensures that access can only be gained once the UPS is a safe condition. The KSUPS is manufactured from either brass or stainless steel making it ideal for use in standard or harsh corrosive environments. The unit is supplied ready for mounting into an existing panel. The KSUPS comes with a multi-voltage range of input voltages: 24, 110 and 240 VAC or VDC.

Castell Part Reference: KSUPSP-QS-P-C/O4

Part Reference: KSUPSP-QS-P-C/O4

Additional information

Body Material

Stainless Steel



Lock Portion Type

Q (up to six characters)




Panel Mount

Product Type

KSUPS Solenoid Controlled Switch