OLYM-S48A-C24A – Solenoid Voltage 48V AC, Control Voltage 24C AC, Castell, OLYMPUS Heavy Duty Solenoid Controlled Access Lock

Part Number: OLYM-S48A-C24A Manufacturer: Castell

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The Castell Olympus Solenoid Controlled Access Lock. This is a heavy duty lock available with either a stainless steel tongue actuator or a heavy duty handle. The Olympus 4HD is capable of supporting Category 4 safety systems through its 2NC / 1NO contacts and is ideal for all types of hinging or sliding access points with a good tolerance for misaligned guarding.

Castell Part Reference: OLYM-S48A-C24A

Part Reference: OLYM-S48A-C24A

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24V AC



Product Type

Olympus Heavy Duty Solenoid Controlled Access Lock

Solenoid Voltage

48V AC