TDI-QB-F-1S-N/O6-240A – 240V AC, NO/NC, Front Mount, Brass, 1 Lock Portion, Q type, Castell TDI Electronic Time Delay Isolator

Part Number: TDI-QB-F-1S-N/O6-240A Manufacturer: Castell

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The Castell TDI electronic time delay isolator is a heavy duty trapped key interlock switch controlled by a fail-safe timer and solenoid. The TDI unit is designed to control access to hazardous machines with run down times and can be used in high risk applications. It incorporates a dual channel fail-safe timer, a heavy duty continuously rated solenoid, solenoid position monitoring, a 20A isolation switch, a front panel lamp indication of solenoid position and a timer failure with one or more lock portions for multiple access applications.

Castell Part Reference: TDI-QB-F-1S-N/O6-240A

Part Reference: TDI-QB-F-1S-N/O6-240A

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240V AC

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Simultaneous Key

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Front Mount

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TDI Electronic Time Delay Isolator